Jesse Scoble is a writer, story editor, and game designer in no particular order.

Jesse was born in the United States, and lived for a number of years in Washington, D.C., and Boston, Mass. In 1990, he moved to Ottawa and became a displaced American for a few years, before finally accepting his role as a Canadian. In 1994, he went to the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario, renowned for its agricultural-business program and vet school – so of course he studied English Literature and student government. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English (Honours).

He left Guelph with a car loaded with books, an impressive CD collection, and a malamute. He did a summer of tech support, a fall of conference organizing (for Senator Lois Wilson of the Canadian Senate), and a winter of driving across the Northeastern United States.

Through luck and circumstance, he ended up back in Guelph 10 months after leaving, and ended up working with friends at Guardians of Order, first as an administration assistant and writer, and over time as convention organizer, editor, and creative director.

He was Creative Director on the award-nominated superhero game line, Silver Age Sentinels, the critically-acclaimed Tri-Stat dX line, and the award-winning A Game of Thrones RPG.

Other highlights include developing Ex Machina, a post-cyberpunk genre book, The Authority RPG for DC Comics, and working as IP developer and assistant editor on two anthologies of superhero stories.

When Guardians of Order downsized at the end of 2004, Jesse took several scriptwriting courses at George Brown College.

In October of 2005, he moved from Toronto to Austin, Texas, to work at NCsoft. He joined the company as a web content writer for City of Heroes in the Online Community Relations department. Over the course of the year, he took on duties covering City of Heroes, City of Villains, Lineage 1, Exteel, and Dungeon Runners, and he shifted to the Public Relations team.

In January of 2007, he moved back from Austin to Toronto, and worked for 9 months as a freelance word-gun for hire.

In September of 2007, he started as a senior writer in the Creative-Interactive (online games) division of Ganz, the makers of Webkinz, one of the world’s largest online games for kids. He contributed to Webkinz, but primarily worked on an unannounced project, working with a mid-sized team to design a competitive, collection-based, online, massively multiplayer game. He wrote story & character bibles, relationship charts, dialogue, and the first year of quest content. He also wrote high-level design documents for a world-building toolset, reviewed prototype samples, and helped conduct art reviews.

Jesse left Ganz at the end of summer 2010 to move to Austin, TX once again, this time to join the KingsIsle family. By 2011 the family was all down in Texas, and Jesse was working as Senior Writer, and then as the Creative Design Lead, for Wizard101, one of the world’s biggest family-friendly MMOs. He was the main writer for 4 major world updates and several minor ones, developing the story, characters, environments, quests, cinematics, and assistant directing the voice recording.

In June 2015 Jesse left KingsIsle to return to Canada, landing in Montreal.

His freelancing credits include: White Wolf, Margaret Weis Productions, Green Ronin, Eden Studios, Upper Deck, Electronic Arts, and Red Storm.

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Jesse Scoble

Jesse Scoble is a writer, story editor, and game designer in no particular order.

He has won awards, written a Western Horror script, worked on computer games & pen&paper games, contributed to more than 30 titles, and makes a mean mojito.

Currently he is a freelance writer in Montreal, QC.