FanExpo 2010: Done and Done.

FanExpo 2010 has come and gone, and damn I’m tired. But it was a fun show. I organized two panels – Writers & Producers, and The State of the Industry in the GTA – and I moderated the first.

Writers & Producers

My first time moderating a panel, and no one burst into fire (spontaneously or otherwise), or was mangled, or died, so I call that a success.

My two producers (Joseph Ganetakos from Ganz, whom I know well; and Alex Parizeau from Ubisoft, whom I just met and has a great rep) were terrific, and my two writers (Kim Sparks; Max Piesner) were awesome.

After the panel, Mia Herrera interviewed me about it for C&G Monthly. I think it went well, but I fear I rambled a bit while trying to restore my proper adrenaline/caffeine equilibrium. I’ll post a link when she shoots me one.

State of the Industry

Jason MacIsaac, from the IGDA & Electric Playground, graciously offered to moderate the second panel, and he did a fine job. Jason’s recap of the panel is here.

And one of our panelists, Ryan Henson Creighton, talks about it here. With much color.

The other panelists – Lesley Phord-Toy (Ubisoft), Ryan MacLean (DrinkBox), Ian Kelso (Interactive Ontario), and Philippe McNally (Longbow Games) were all very generous with their time, and I hope I thanked them all sufficiently.

It became very much a “how do I break into the industry panel,” but that’s ok as it’s clearly what the attendees wanted.

I’m already thinking of an expanded video game panel track next year, with a specific panel to address that. Not sure I’ll be able to put the time in, but I think we could easily cover:
* State of the Industry in the GTA
* How Do I Convince You To Hire My Rosy Cheeks?
* Writers in Video Games, and the Big Bad Boss Producers
* Bringing Your Art to Life – A Panel for Artists in/wanting to get into the Industry
* Hobby Games to Computer Games, Spanning the Bridge

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FanExpo 2010: Writers & Producers

I’m thrilled to announce I’m going to be moderating a panel at FanExpo this year:

The Role of the Writer and Producer in Today’s Video Games

Saturday, Aug 28
12:00 pm (noon),
Room: 205A

While writing is essential in many video games today, the role of the writer is highly contested and often misunderstood. Writers are often seen at one end of the design spectrum, and the producer at the other. Producers are critical for getting the game done and out to market. Come join writers and producers to hear what challenges and hurdles they face; what producers are looking for, and the differences between writing for a cell phone game to a AAA game.

The list of panelists is terrific – click through to see the full list.

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Why Don’t You Know These Things

* I went to Ambercon 2010 for the first time in many years this past March. I co-ran a terrific dark superheroes game, “Where Angels Fear to Tread.”

* Just got back from GenCon, where I bought too many games (lots of Trail of Cthulhu,Armitage Files, Delta Green, and Ganonoque: the ice-people who fear the dawn is coming) and have a head filled with too many ideas.

* I’m in THE BONES. Why do you not own this book yet? It is very good.

* I will be at FanExpo 2010 in one week!

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Nate Scoble "You Want To Know"

Chillin’ out, trying to rest up (with marginal success). Haven’t been the most productive, though I have been able to test out Mario Kart Wii – I call it therapeutic research.

Working on a short story – in the urban fable motif. Hoping it will join several other ideas in a series around the same characters / locales.

I like the story, but it feels like all the dialog is:

How long ‘till your pals show up?

The boy pulled a cellphone from his pocket and glanced at it. No messages.

Uh, I’m not sure. Soon, I bet.

What did they say?

She cupped her hand against the glass to watch the big greaser more clearly. His eyes constantly roamed the street, never resting.

Um, they said they’d tell the Crow King, and he’d decide.

The Crow King?

Which is probably fine, as I’m introducing the reader to the elements as Jo learns them. But goddamn, it feels like call/response, call/response, call/response all through the piece. (or Q/A, Q/A, Q/A if you prefer).

There’s some names I’m unhappy with, and the end doesn’t quite work, but overall I’m happy with it.

We’ll see if that remains true after Dev reads & criticizes it.

(the image here comes from my brother Nate’s gallery)

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Propane Explosion Update

First, we’re fine. We’re actually pretty far from the area in question. We did hear it last night, and the greater area is affected by traffic, highway closures, subway closures, lots of people whose sleep was interrupted, etc., but things seem to be calming down and we were never at any risk.

No one around here was evacuated, and the streets were surprisingly quiet when we out to pick up some groceries. Although lots of the staff at the store were a bit grumpy / put out from having their night disrupted.

Below I’ve included a Google Map of the area and some YouTube footage that was captured.


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4:00 am explosion in Keele/Wilson area Toronto

401 and Eglinton, somewhere around Allen or Keele, a huge explosion this morning.

News says it may have happened on Wilson, but reports are scattered.

Explosion happened around 3:46, and became a series of rolling, thunderous waves. Woke us up by rattling the windows and blinds.

Captured these images from the traffic cams.

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