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Posted in Current Events on March 26, 2007 by adamjury
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Sioux trackers to hunt Taliban

AN ELITE group of native American trackers is joining the hunt for terrorists crossing Afghanistan’s borders.

The unit, the Shadow Wolves, was recruited from several tribes, including the Navajo, Sioux, Lakota and Apache. It is being sent to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to pass on ancestral sign-reading skills to local border units.

In recent years, members of the Shadow Wolves have mainly tracked drug and people smugglers along the US border with Mexico.

But the Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan and the American military’s failure to hunt down Osama Bin Laden – still at large on his 50th birthday yesterday – has prompted the Pentagon to requisition them.

I came across these guys while doing research on Shadows Of Mexico for White Wolf, Interesting to see them pop up again in relation to the War on Terror.

Posted in Current Events, Writing on March 15, 2007 by Jesse
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