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While I try not to procrastinate (the irony does not escape me) and get a few writer-y or designer-y things done, figured I’d steal a riff from Jason Durall’s blog and post a Wordle of my site.

Meanwhile, jdurall’s Wordle is here.

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Actor Looking For Work. Can Run With Crossbow.

Came across this last week on Dead Things on Sticks, a great blog by a Canadian TV writer.

They received it as a sort of actor’s resume, from Billy MacLellan. It’s pretty awesome as resumes go:

I am avail for work on The Border if you have a character that needs to…

-run with a loaded crossbow

-cock a shotgun with one hand

-uppercut a punk-ass onto a banquet table or into a large bowl of punch

-rollerblade chase through the streets of San Fran

-hang offa that part of a helicopter, ya know, that part. (not the propeller)

-Oh! Rescue a girl from train tracks. (No one does that anymore)

-Put quarters on my bent elbow and then catch them with the same hand. ( I think that I saw the Fonz do that one)

-Wrangle a wild stagecoach.

-Headbutt a Scottish guy. (or girl)

-Sing to a kid that is stuck in a drain. (H2O, not sewer)

-Cut the blue wire. (Hold on…)

-Cut the RED wire.

-Get kids outta a trapped bus, submerged in a pool.

-Jump offa a building because the alien in me is too powerful.

-Swim under water that is on fire.

-Ride on the top of an elevator.

-Hurdle over a German soldier to take out the tower with the live grenade around my neck.

-Oh. And I once played Tommy Djelias in The Music Man.

Much love,

Billy Mac

Heh. It was posted here, if you’d like to see the source.

I wonder if we can go back and add in a girl tied to the train tracks in the Western Horror script…Never even considered that one!

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