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Sometimes writing is the hardest thing in the world.

“There’s nothing to writing. It’s dead easy. All you have to do is get a piece of paper and stare at it until your forehead bleeds.”
–From an unnamed American sportswriter, quoted by Douglas Adams

(Although the Interweb also attributes the quote to Gene Fowler, but I don’t have the energy tonight to figure out the truth. The Douglas Adams answer feels right).

I just updated the City of Heroes web site tonight with my write-up for The Warriors.


(You can read the backgrounder, if you so choose).

This update has seemingly been months in the writing. That’s not entirely true, but I started it at a really bad time. I began the project right before we began the marketing push for Issue 10, the last big update to City of Heroes. I had to turn my attentions away from this and to the numerous fiction updates we used to promote I10. (The Invasion piece was my favorite)

And as soon as the I10 launch wrapped, I had to prepare for GenCon – which was a tremendous amount of fun as ever, but it killed 2-3 weeks of my focus. And immediately upon returning from GenCon, I’ve been involved in several High Level brainstorming sessions for Issue 11.

Furthermore, starting a piece is always the toughest part. I need an angle, or hook, to figure out how I’m going to tackle it. The Knives of Artemis were comparatively easy, as they have such a rich mystical tradition, and several well-established archetypes in comic lore.

Similarly the Sky Raiders were easy because I’ve done a lot of reading of paramilitary groups for other RPG projects, and have read a fair bit about groups like Executive Outcomes (now defunct) and Black Water. The Sky Raiders are scarey when put in the context of the real world, and that’s always a great hook for me.

One of the things that did help was going through the character testimonials and seeing how the players view this group. Looking at their toughness and resilience and grit, in the face of such amazing super powers, was a good starting point. While framing up the character testimonials, I was able to get into the proper headspace long enough to get through the rest of the update. Overall I’m happy with it, though it’s far from my favorite.

Now to figure out my next angle…

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