Propane Explosion Update

First, we’re fine. We’re actually pretty far from the area in question. We did hear it last night, and the greater area is affected by traffic, highway closures, subway closures, lots of people whose sleep was interrupted, etc., but things seem to be calming down and we were never at any risk.

No one around here was evacuated, and the streets were surprisingly quiet when we out to pick up some groceries. Although lots of the staff at the store were a bit grumpy / put out from having their night disrupted.

Below I’ve included a Google Map of the area and some YouTube footage that was captured.

A (random) Torontonian captured some pretty dramatic footage of it about 4:00 am this morning.

(the big fireball is at the time-mark 1:50)

And a Google Satellite view of Sunrise Propane, the depot in question that went up.

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Posted in Big Smoke, Current Events on August 10, 2008 by Jesse
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