Ack grack gack gack grackk!


Never enough time, is there?

Been meaning to write a few more meaningful posts, but the new job (writer in the creative team at Ganz – the makers of Webkinz, in addition to Eyes Only Secret Projects) has kept me busy for the past month.

However, I’ve also been working on a chapter for an upcoming pen&paper RPG game to be published by Green Ronin. I’m not sure I’m supposed to talk about it yet, but if you’ve followed my work in the past, I’m sure you can make an educated guess. It’s been fun delving back into that world, though my work for the core book is pretty small. How sharp is that sword, anyway?

In other gaming related news, I’m a regular player…scratch that. I have an open invitation to attend Robin Laws’s weekly gaming/playtest sessions, changing to whatever game Robin is working on at the moment. I just often have conflicts.

But anyway, I’ve played a bit of “American Empire” (where we played both the President’s Cabinet of an intergalactic version of the current regime, slightly exaggerated, and also played the members of a special forces squad – the Seven Dwarfs, not completely unlike agents of Blackwater or Delta Force). It created an interesting dynamic where the politicos would send the spec forces guys to perform a mission that sounded plausible from the high-level view, but looked impossible from the ground. Then, the spec forces guys would send back “mission accomplished” reports, embellished as much or as little as success and failure dictated. Then our administration characters would make new policy based on progressively “spun” information and create even more impossible tasks for the forces on the ground, etc.

After that, we played Law&Order meets Heroes. I’m not sure I can say much about that, as it’s a project that will be published, but the concept was very cool, and Robin makes some nice innovations in procedural/mystery gaming.

This week we started a brand new game, which is, as they say, a little bit lighter in tone. I haven’t laughed this hard at a session for awhile. It’s more a miniatures game with a bit of role-playing than a serious RPG but it would be a fun game to play between more dramatic campaigns. Our invasion of Earth was curtailed by our inability to overcome Earth’s first line of defense…a peep of chickens.

I’m told changes will be made and our psychic powers will be bolstered. The brood shall rue the day it ever stood against us!

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Posted in Games, Writing on October 20, 2007 by Jesse
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