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On Thursday my last Paragon Times articles went up on City of Heroes, to a wonderful reception. Between this week’s and last week’s piece, I’ve certainly ended on a high-note. The Outbreak Plague / Foiled Breakout piece got 398 comments in the official thread, while the President Marchand / Dastardly Duo piece has received 299 posts and spawned at least two other threads of note. Not too shabby.

I spent of chunk of Saturday browsing the comments – it’s always exciting to see what people think, good or bad (just not indifferent) – about a piece. The most common theories seem to be:

* Alternate Timeline
* Parallel Dimension
* Multiple Timelines (Crisis on Finite Servers!)
* Jesse screwing with people on his way-out-the-door (can’t catch me now, suckas!)
* or a typo. Which is probably my favorite answer. 🙂

These articles were a lot of fun to write, as I’m sure is obvious. There was a lot to draw from. There are a number of subtle clues within them, many of which have been brought up. There are also a handful of in-jokes, most (but not all) of which have been mentioned.

People have also asked if there are mistakes in either piece (there were some typos in the first that have since been corrected – whew!). The only typo that I’ll acknowledge in the newest piece is “Columbian” should be “Colombian.” A few people didn’t like my Spanglish quote of “Los United States,” but in my defense it’s a bit of dialect taken from Across the Wire by Luis Alberto Urrea (great book), where he uses the phrase “los Yunaites Estaites.” Now I realize one is Mexico and one is Colombia, so I may be flat out wrong here, but it was an educated guess as to how a regular joe in the Colobmian army might speak.

Oh, and I *think* people are making an association between President Marchand’s power-armor and Iron Man/Tony Stark, because the reporter’s name is James Stark. Except, I’m not. James Stark has been “my” reporter since my first times, and was always intended to be the alter-ego to Arctic Sun.

I’m really thrilled at how much people enjoyed these stories. A shame my third piece – a 17 minute youtube interpretative dance clip involving mimes playing Citadel, Numina, Mako, and Snaptooth – was deemed too costly.

7 Responses to “Behind the Times, 3”

  1. Athyna Says:

    I vote for screwing with people.

    Also, I want to see that youtube video.

  2. Bonehead Says:

    Wow…those articles rock. Way to go out on a bang!! 😀

    Now, about that youtube video…

  3. McCaffrey Says:

    Well Jesse, you will be missed. That article was a great send off for you. I hope your next job is a good one. Please keep us posted!

    And now…I do have server space if you need to put that video somewhere. I promise, I wont give out any information on it. ::crosses fingers:: Really.

  4. Morrissey Says:

    I’ve always enjoyed your work on the CoH story. These two articles were very well done.

    However, I’m saying Negative to the YouTube video. Take it from a person who has been down that path. All you do is look at yourself later and go, ‘man, i really need to work on my soft shoe.’

  5. Jesse Says:

    Hah. Thanks man – I’m looking forward to seeing how Issue 11 unfolds!

  6. Gilgamesh Says:

    You did a great job with the Times. It certainly wasn’t the easiest part of writing for CoH–having taking over the reins from Sean, I can attest to the difficulty. But it was also one of the most enjoyable things I did during my stint with the team. I loved the feedback–bad and good–and the interaction I had with my “fans.” I truly miss that aspect of the job.

  7. Jesse Says:

    Hey Gil! Good to see you.

    Thanks for the kind words, man. It was definitely a fun gig and an awesome trip.

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