Gaming the Election

Robin Laws has a great piece today on the idea of treating the US primaries as a strategy game, and how Hillary’s people may have misread the rules.

So you know the Clinton campaign strategy of ceding most of the February contests to Obama and then dealing him knockout punches in the big states of Texas and Ohio? Problem is, the very complicated rules in Texas do not remotely favor this. Plain ordinary proportional delegate allocation would make it very difficult, but the weighting of districts according to past support for Democratic candidates renders it nigh impossible. When did Clinton strategists figure this out? A month ago.

If I were a Democratic primary voter in one of the upcoming contests, this blunder of nuts-and-bolts detail would weigh heavily on my decision.

Especially in a candidacy predicated on being ready on day one, it would have been helpful to also be ready on day -346.

Interesting that Texas is suddenly so important. It’s nice, isn’t it, that one year Florida is key, then Ohio, now Texas has a turn…(sigh). Not sure why they have the make the rules so bloody complex. This ain’t Champions after all.*

I don’t have a lot to add other than I’m pleased so far with the leading candidates…on both sides of the spectrum. Oh, they all have their issues, and I’m sure we’re still in for a rough ride…but damn change will be good.

I need to figure out how to vote as an ex-pat once again…during the 2004 election my last residence had been in Boston (which was like throwing my vote into a sea of blue), although now that my last US residence was in Texas, I suspect it will be like throwing it into a red sea. Whaddya gonna do?

* I love the guys at Hero Games, and kudos to Steve, Darren, et. al. on the big news.

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