Goth elf (D&D 4th Edition)

Elf Priest

I got a chance to test drive (er, playtest) a cleric in Robin Laws’s 4th edition D&D game tonight. I can’t say too much about the game (NDAs and all, despite the game being shipped early and torrented all over the goddamn place), and if you’re up on your 4e, you certainly know more than I do, but this is what I know:

It was a helluva exciting time.

Now, we didn’t get very far. The sessions are short, there’s a TON of cross-referencing the books to figure out which power does what exactly, and some members of the group (myself included) are too quick to kibbitz about non-game stuff.

But playing my elf (Xerxes, natch), a “battle priest,” cleric of the Raven Queen (goddess of death, winter and fate, I believe), was pretty damn cool. I got to carry around a big-ass morningstar, had a bunch of options every round of combat – both attack and healing – and felt like a core, but not necessarily essential, part of the group.

I may just be parroting all the buzzwords and talking points I’ve picked up about D&D 4 over the last six months, but my first and last impressions were:

It was D&D.

And it was fun.

Oh, and Robin is as fiendish a DM here as he is with any other game!

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Posted in Games on May 29, 2008 by Jesse
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