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As you may have gathered from my recent Tweets / Status updates / etc., I’m going to be at FanExpo this weekend, in Toronto.

I can be found – despite whatever the program says – Sat. afternoon at 4pm on the panel:
“The Video Gaming Industry: Overview and Opportunities”

It is being moderated by the esteemed Jason MacIsaac, Writer/Editor with Electric Playground, Design Director, Cerebral Vortex Games.

And the panelists include:

Victor Lucas – Host of Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run

Scott Jones – Host of Reviews on the Run

Matt Levitan – Managing Director for PlayStation Canada

and me.

If you know me, it will likely be me just spouting the usual lunchtime bullshit. But with luck it will be at least a bit entertaining and maybe a little edifying as we wax about the state of the industry.

Beyond the panel, I will try to come out tonight (Friday) to the Meet & Greet at Hoops Sports Bar (125 Bremner Blvd. just East of the MTCC, starting at 9pm)

And will otherwise be wandering the convention centre on Sat., possibly hanging out in Artists’ Alley.

If you see me, feel free to say hi!

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