Lions & Lambs 2009

Jesse & Kaila (Malamute) Scoble, Niagra Falls, 2007

Jesse & Kaila (Malamute) Scoble, Niagra, 2007

Insert usual responses as to why this blog hasn’t been updated in awhile – work, holidays, personal development projects, and so forth – and of course I may “make a resolution” to update more, but I’d only be lying to myself.

On the home front, well, things are busy. If you are in the need to know, you should know. If you think you are, but don’t, shoot me an email and we’ll sort it out. 🙂

On the work front, it continues. We’re actually at a very exciting point, but I’m still bound by the first rule. While I have a ton of work for the foreseeable future, the team is a great bunch of guys, including one other senior writer (who is great), and several artists who are tremendously talented. One of my favorite parts of any project – where it starts to transform from a mess of words and spreadsheets to a “game” or, occasionally, “art” – is when art development happens. From the barest pencil sketches to a half-dozen concept art pieces to finished black&whites, to colored images…it’s always amazing to me.

I felt that rush when Ed Northcott did the first designs for Silver Age Sentinels, and made Sentinel, Alice, Kreuzritter, and the Iron Duke all come to life. I’ve felt it with every project – most especially with A Game of Thrones RPG, as we got to see dozens of spectacular scenes and characters from the novel interpreted in so many different ways. (Despite the long-suffering history of that work, there are maybe only 1 or 2 pieces I’m, uh, not thrilled with).

(As an aside, while I can’t wait to see the new system from Green Ronin, in addition to my own words in print, despite being a writer, what I’ll always look at first is the art. It’s terrible of me, I know, but I understand why art sells books, and why writing keeps people coming back. Speaking of writing and the SIFRPG, have you seen Steve Kenson’s design journal on Magic: Omens, Greensight, & Skinchangers? Good stuff there.)

So seeing 3d art and hearing pieces of music written…this is pretty heady stuff. Now, I just need to get my Sisyphus-ian rock up to the top of the damn hill (and keep it there), and we’ll be laughing. (Conversely, this way may lead to madness, but…).

This past year was a strange one. It had some serious downs, but ended on a major up (who can be both a lion or a lamb, depending). Highlights:
* Started working on Smurf Club
* Trip to Iran – saw Persepolis (incredible!) and Esfahan, the “City that is Half the World.”
* Went to GenCon
* Hurt leg at GenCon – on the couch for two months
* Bought Cold City at GenCon – enjoyed all that I’ve read, and really should review
* Won 1/99 of an ENnie for Hobby Games: 100 Best
* Bought Spirit of the Century at GenCon – I love the Planetary vibe and the writing has been pretty top notch. I haven’t finished reading it yet – no time for reading, Dr. Jones! – but would like to review this one, too. Only disappointment so far: No SAS in the bibliography. Not that they were wrong for not mentioning us, but Evil Hat did some early homebrew stuff for SAS that was also great, so I was hoping…
* Got Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 – read it. Loved it. Great stuff.
* Got half of the office hooked on Gloom.
* Got the other half hooked on Z-man games.
* Heard a propane depot explode. (Not at GenCon).
* Saw lots of City of Heroes peeps at GenCon – that was a blast.
* Failed to go to any other con.
* Finished writing the 2nd draft of our Western Horror script. Submitted to Austin Film Festival (but failed to win, place, or show). Debating 3rd draft.
* Mostly finished an urban fable short story – ending needs work.
* Sketched out several other short and longer-form story ideas.
* Played D&D4 with Robin Laws + Co.
* Guest-blogged at gameplaywright.
* Watched from afar as different sections of NCsoft seemed to implode. 🙁
* Installed a trial account for WoW. Made a Tauren. Failed to log back in even once.
* Got much fun out of the Wii, and these days really enjoying World of Goo.
* Made notes for a D&D campaign (loosely inspired by AGOT).
* Mac hard drive blew up real good – destroying all of said notes.
* Saw my Canadian family much more than usual.
* Saw my US family much less. 🙁
* Lost a member of the family, who was a good dog, except when she wasn’t.
* And gained a new member of the family.:)

I’m sure lots more happened, but damned if I can recall – hell’s bells, we’re well into 2009 and I have miles to go…

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  1. Fred Hicks Says:

    SOTC’s list of influences was, honestly, much too long to fully document. 🙂

  2. Jesse Says:

    Yeah, I figured as such. Mostly I was being selfish. 🙂

  3. The One Who Was Says:

    Congratulations to you and Rox on the great news, BTW. I just found out. Hope all is well and healthy.

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