November Reckoning

October was a very busy month. And November doesn’t look like it will let up much, but considering I just made it through: getting a big “chapter” of story contributed to Wizard 101; GDCOnline; and the Austin Film Festival; I figured it might be worth posting a few things, for posterity if nothing else.

First up, today marked the release of the new Wizard 101 trailer for Zafaria – I was the main writer for this “act” of the ongoing storyline, under the direct supervision of Jason Durall (and of course tons of input from the whole team).

PC Gamer describes it thus:

Wizard101 players will soon be able to explore the Spiral’s ninth and newest world, Zafaria, a savannah and jungle-themed place that takes its inspiration from Africa. It also plays a major role in Wizard101′s ongoing storyline, forming the “second act” as Morganthe, the Umbra Queen, makes her return.

And here is the trailer video on IGN:

I’m super excited to be a part of this great game — it’s a wonderful team, and they turned a bunch of mad ramblings into something epic. Now I’m crossing my fingers that the players like it, too.

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