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Two interesting links to point out.

First, Rich Danksy, the Tom Clancy Czar of Red Storm, has a solid essay on writing for the video game industry entitled, “Young Industry My Sweet Patootie, You Goldurn Whippersnappers.” It’s posted up at Storytellersunplugged (which is kind of an ugly name, but whatever)

His essay is a nice exploration of the challenges of writing for games. It debunks some of the classic arguments, and has an optimistic look towards the future. But it also examines the realistic hurdles of working as a writer. It’s a nice companion piece to my “Pencils to Pixels.”

The second article is on Reputation, by Brian “Psychochild” Green. He discusses managing one’s professional reputation given the small, incestuous nature of the industry.

One of the points I raised in the comments is: how carefully should one tread in online space, such as a keeping a blog? There’s obvious things not to post (such as exactly what you did during your downtime at a conference in Vegas), and then there’s personal choices. I don’t post much about my private home life, for example. (see Sanya’s post from last Feb for a similar reasoning).

Brian answered my comment thusly:

As you point out, it cuts both ways. I think it’s also just one element to what you can do to build reputation. There is a core of people who read my blog, for example, but many more that know me from my M59 work, or my conference talks, etc. I get some useful contacts from blog posting, but I get a lot more from personal contacts.

So, a blog can help. Standing out from the crowd by being a big ranter can also help. But, it can also hurt. Luckily Scott’s a pretty good guy in person, so a lot of people have forgiven him for his earlier ranting. He knows now that he was severely off the mark in many ways (and painfully on the mark in others), and he’s been a pretty decent guy about it.

Anyway. So go read about writing and reputation and tell me what *you* think about ’em.

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