This is the card that Will of Gameplaywright designed for me a few years ago.

I just reprinted them before GenCon, and am very happy to have them again. However, one day I’ll commission him to make ME my own coffee-ring card (click on his name above, if you missed it).

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Why Don’t You Know These Things

* I went to Ambercon 2010 for the first time in many years this past March. I co-ran a terrific dark superheroes game, “Where Angels Fear to Tread.”

* Just got back from GenCon, where I bought too many games (lots of Trail of Cthulhu,Armitage Files, Delta Green, and Ganonoque: the ice-people who fear the dawn is coming) and have a head filled with too many ideas.

* I’m in THE BONES. Why do you not own this book yet? It is very good.

* I will be at FanExpo 2010 in one week!

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Look at how the dust has collected.

It has been…Lord, it’s been a year since I’ve been here. Time for some serious clean-up.

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FanExpo Weekend


As you may have gathered from my recent Tweets / Status updates / etc., I’m going to be at FanExpo this weekend, in Toronto.

I can be found – despite whatever the program says – Sat. afternoon at 4pm on the panel:
“The Video Gaming Industry: Overview and Opportunities”


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Script Review

Had drinks last night with a buddy of mine that I worked with last year. We talked about my comic script, and his action movie short, and general catch-up. It was a good night to sit on a patio and drink beer, even in the chill pre-autumn.

We spent most of the evening talking about his script (or so it seemed to me), but that’s fine. My work – for True Ink – is in fairly solid shape for a second draft. I expect it will change a little before I’m through with it, but I’m set for to begin drawing. Assuming he does. Which I am (assuming, that is).


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Fan Expo 2009 Special Appearance


The only show I’m going to make it to this summer is the Fan Expo in Toronto.

I’m listed as a “Special Appearance,” which…I dunno. I think it means I’m on a panel or two, and I guess I get to wander the hall and exclaim, “No, I do NOT sign body parts!”

I might make it in for a bit on Friday night, but primarily I’ll be at the con on Saturday. Once I know the schedule, I’ll post it here. While I’m mostly repping myself at the show, I plan to say good things about Green Ronin, White Wolf, and of course, Ganz.

The gaming guests are listed here (and it’s a good list).

And the main page is here.

Honestly, this looks like it’s going to be a great year (check out the comic and SF…I won’t say SyFy…sections of the above link). Great to see how big FanExpo has grown since its early days.

Hope to see you at the show!

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100 Best (Family Edition)

I have been given the greenlight to talk about Family Games: The 100 Best. Think of it as a companion volume to Hobby Games: The 100 Best, which I wrote about continuously last year.

I’m in *very* good company once again. As I said before, they got 99 great game designers, and then they asked me to fill out the roster. With any luck I’ll win another 1/99 of an award or two – trust me, I don’t mind. Enough with the self-deprecating humor. Check out this list:


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10 Games (Most Played)

Seeing as I have no time for anything, Dr. Jones, I thought I’d rip off / riff off Rob Heinsoo who started this, and Mike Mearls, and list the Top Ten Most Played Games (Hobby-Style, excluding board games & video games) in rough order:

#1 Dungeons & Dragons

#2 Amber DRPG (lots of Ambercons and numerous campaigns)

#3 Big Eyes, Small Mouth / Tri-Stat (in various incarnations)

#4 Mage

#5 Vampire

#6 Magic: The Gathering

#7 Space Hulk

#8 Champions / Fantasy HERO

#9 Warhammer 40K

#10 The Last Crusade

Other notables include Call of Cthulhu, Chill, Cyberpunk 2020, and other games that start with “C.”

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Smuggling By RC ‘copter

Great idea for a scene:

A toy helicopter is believed to have been used in an attempt to smuggle drugs into a prison.

Guards at Elmley Prison in Sheerness, Kent, spotted the remote control miniature aircraft flying over the walls of the jail and heading for the accommodation blocks one night after it was picked up by CCTV cameras.

It had a small load beneath the fuselage, thought to contain drugs.

The toy or its cargo was not found.

However, staff could not find any trace of either the helicopter or the package which it appeared to be carrying underneath it when they searched the Category C jail.

‘Using a mini-helicopter to get contraband into jails is unprecedented. When officers spotted it they nearly fell off their chairs’, a prison source told the Sun.

‘It could have been drugs or a mobile phone in the package. It is possible it was a dummy run.’

via BoingBoing

Not much more to add, but I have to remember this for down the road.

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As I’ve likely mentioned, my good friends (Todd, James, and Jason) in Austin work on Wizard 101 – a pretty spiffy tween/family-oriented MMO.

Massive Gamer Magazine posted a review last month.


Posted in Games, Writing on January 12, 2009 by Jesse

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