Role-Playing Game Work

“So,” he says, “would you ever consider working for a gaming company?”
“Nah, not really,” says I. “I’m not really into writing game material…”

— from my foreword to El Hazard RPG, June 2001

I started working for Guardians of Order in March of 2000, and continued on until the company downsized in December 2004. In that time I worked on nearly two dozen books; I managed the Silver Age Sentinels game line and developed several other award-winning and award-nominated game lines.

I have also worked as a freelance writer for White Wolf Game Studio, Eden Studios, Upper Deck Entertainment, and Green Ronin Publishing.

Here are several samples of my material.

Ex Machina sample.

Silver Age Sentinels sample.

The Authority RPG sample.

A Game of Thrones RPG sample.

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Jesse Scoble

Jesse Scoble is a writer, story editor, and game designer in no particular order.

He has won awards, written a Western Horror script, worked on computer games & pen&paper games, contributed to more than 30 titles, and makes a mean mojito.

Currently he is a freelance writer in Montreal, QC.