Video Game Work

I have worked in the digital game industry since October 2005.

Recently, I was a senior writer at Ganz, the makers of Webkinz.
* I contributed to Webkinz.
* I performed the voice of Basil, the young brown dog, in Webkinz Jr.
* I developed a story & character bible for an upcoming project.

Red Storm
I have done freelance game writing for Red Storm / Ubisoft:
* Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
* Driver: San Francisco

I worked as a web content writer for NCsoft from October 2005 – September 2007. In that time, I worked on City of Heroes/City of Villains, Exteel, Lineage, and Dungeon Runners. I wrote event fiction, game lore, technical articles, and so forth, and also worked with community members who submitted fan-created materials – fiction or art – to showcase their work.

I worked on City of Heroes, under the nom de guerre Arctic Sun.

Here is an example of my work from City of Heroes.

The Tsoo


The smell of alcohol and anxious sweat lingered in the warped wood and chipped paint, long baked into the cement floor under the heat of the incandescent lighting. Cutting through it all was a whiff of burnt chemicals from the autoclave, humming away to itself in the back corner. The walls were covered with yellowing posters of flash, the clichéd tattoo designs so often chosen by drunken frat boys and wannabe gangsters.

Lounging at the front counter was a large, burly Chinese man – the tattoo “artist,” chosen more for his abilities as a bouncer than any inherent talent. Found throughout Paragon, but especially in the neighborhoods of Talos Island, Independence Port, and Steel Canyon, tattoo parlors such as these acted as fronts and gathering points for one of Paragon’s most ambitious gangs: the Tsoo.

Read the full story here.

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Jesse Scoble

Jesse Scoble is a writer, story editor, and game designer in no particular order.

He has won awards, written a Western Horror script, worked on computer games & pen&paper games, contributed to more than 30 titles, and makes a mean mojito.

Currently he is a freelance writer in Montreal, QC.