Nate Scoble "You Want To Know"

Chillin’ out, trying to rest up (with marginal success). Haven’t been the most productive, though I have been able to test out Mario Kart Wii – I call it therapeutic research.

Working on a short story – in the urban fable motif. Hoping it will join several other ideas in a series around the same characters / locales.

I like the story, but it feels like all the dialog is:

How long ‘till your pals show up?

The boy pulled a cellphone from his pocket and glanced at it. No messages.

Uh, I’m not sure. Soon, I bet.

What did they say?

She cupped her hand against the glass to watch the big greaser more clearly. His eyes constantly roamed the street, never resting.

Um, they said they’d tell the Crow King, and he’d decide.

The Crow King?

Which is probably fine, as I’m introducing the reader to the elements as Jo learns them. But goddamn, it feels like call/response, call/response, call/response all through the piece. (or Q/A, Q/A, Q/A if you prefer).

There’s some names I’m unhappy with, and the end doesn’t quite work, but overall I’m happy with it.

We’ll see if that remains true after Dev reads & criticizes it.

(the image here comes from my brother Nate’s gallery)

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Posted in Big Smoke, Urban Fables, Writing on August 25, 2008 by Jesse
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