Mysterious Turbulence

I heard about Flight 190 on the drive home from work today. The first report was very odd. Something like:

“Flight 190 out of Victoria to Toronto was forced to make an emergency landing in Calgary after several passengers were critically injured on the flight.”

No explanation of what caused the injuries – mechanical, turbulence, crazy violence, space aliens, nothing. It was very odd. Almost immediately after they started filling in details: people were injured but nothing life threatening; it wasn’t mechanical, no it was, no it wasn’t; the plane was shaken by a jolt that threw some passengers into the ceiling…

“It happened really fast. One side of the plane went up sort of sideways and then came back down,” one passenger told CBC News.

She said she saw her friend, who was among those taken to the hospital, “fly up” and hit the ceiling.

“All of a sudden there were three big drops,” said passenger Andrew Evans. “I was in the very, very front seat of the plane and was watching dishes fly through the air.

…but in those first few moments it seemed like a tremendous thriller.

What if you started a story with:

  • a plane forced off its flight path,
  • landing in a foreign city,
  • radioing for emergency medical assistance,
  • a number of critical injured passengers and/or crew,

…and no one could tell you what the hell happened. Could lead somewhere interesting…

The 10 o’clock news tonight suggests it was likely nothing but turbulence. A type of violent high wind that only occurs in the upper atmosphere where jets cruise at their top altitudes, and that are very hard to detect. They had an image of a field of antennas, a type of “wind profile radar,” but it’s either one-of-a-kind or very rare. Interesting.

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